Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why are so expensive?

I can´t do any competitive deck with maleficia and striga because the rares are so expensive and I need a lot of them to work. The same happens with Daughters and True Brujah. Why is this? If White Wolf creates new cards that are so important that the people need a lot of them to play, why do they sell them as rares? Only to earn money.


  1. Well ... yes... that's exactly their point. They're not there to just do you a favor, you know. :-)

  2. My point is that they create those rares, and thats the key point, ONLY to earn money. Not for the healthy of the game or competivity. If you need a lot of them to play a deck and you put them as rares, the game will suffer. But it´s only my view point.

  3. Dear Santana,

    you are absolutely right. The game suffers on monotony, because you won´t see such decks often.
    Daughter of Cacophony need many times also embraces and anarch converts which doesn´t encourage precisely to make a deck.
    As an example I would like also to build a summon history deck, but I don´t make it neither with proxies, because there so little chance that I get the 8 I need to fix the deck, that it doesn´t make sense.



  4. As Dr. Mafrune said, monotony, have we fallen into a pond without ideas? are we going to be surprised with reprint only editions to balance?

    Not only the rares, I am suffering to get Rego Motus and it was supposed to be UC!

    And now, even more, tier decks are going to remind me to Magic decks, spending €€€ on them.
    At least in this game, the player factor is so very important.

  5. I beg to disagree.

    White Wolf is probably the most "anti-rare" company there is, with many of the rares being reprinted in starters in order to bring down the price of these rares. Note the Powerbase Montreals, Vessels, Villeins, Bowl of Convergence etc etc.

    The new rare cards just came into the market, will take a while for the price to settle down, and maybe White Wolf will reprint them again in some future starters.

    Also, Summon History is not a must, neither are most of the rares that are very expensive. Very often they are needed in great numbers only for specific decks (like TupDog)

    Of course, there will always be expensive cards, but compared to pretty much every other CCGs out there, Vtes is so minimal on this.

    Just my two cents.


  6. In magic, for example, I only need 4 copies of a rare, in vampire there is no limit.
    I started buying at ebay barrenness at $2, now they cost $6. I always hear that vtes is cheaper than other CCG games, and this is not true. And I play a lot of them.
    If you need more than 10 copies of a card, don´t set it as rare.