Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spoiler Video of Ebony Kingdom

I enjoyed making the cardmaker video, so I´ve done one of Ebony Kingdom with all the new cards, and I host it in youtube. From now on, I´m going to make all the new spoiler sets of magic, vtes and wow tcg in this format. It´s really easy to make and see. Greetings!

Musci by (hed) p.e.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winner of the Cardmaker contest 2009

86 readers of this blog have voted in this contest. Here are the results:

25 Votes (29%) Ashirra (The Path of Blood crew)
22 Votes (25%) Tzmisce/Inconnu (Agustín Puig)
15 Votes (17%) Toreador (Angel Castro)
8 Votes (9%) Final Fantasy VII (Aitor Jimenez)
8 Votes (9%) EWW (Bayou)
5 Votes (5%) Fallout 3 (Adrián Anta)
3 Votes (3%) True Brujah (Angel González)

I´ve done a humble video with the 1º and 2º positions of the contest and I´ve published it in youtube.

Music by (sic)monic

Congratulations to "the Path of Blood Crew". During this summer, here in Valladolid, we´re going to make the rullings of the Storyline, Ashirra. I will mail you all our ideas.

Thanks to all the participants, and if you have enjoyed this contest, the next year I will make another one.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Magic 2010 Rules Changes

Summary of changes:
1. All mulligans/reshuffles take place at the same time
2. Some new terminology, including "battlefield" for "in play" and "exile" for "remove from game"
3. Mana burn no longer exists
4. Token ownership clarified
6. Deathtouch and lifelink are now static abilities

Main article

For me, it´s for better. The combat stack is really confusing. But the people are a little bit anger with this changes...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Munchkin is a new card game that I´m learning to play. It´s really funny to play with friends. People who don´t play CCG games like this too, because it´s easy. It´s like playing rol, without the boring part xD.
I´m going to change some rullings to play it with beer, it has a lot of possibilities.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 million players at the same time

One of the CCP developers (they´re making World of Darkness Online) has sayed: "The goal for the new game is 1 million players".

This implies that CCP is planning on implementing a one-universe model for the WoD MMO instead of the more traditional multi-server world.

This could mean that many of the core principles of EVE will carry over into WoD, specifically:

1. Player-driven market
2. Rich player politics
3. Territorial entities


Monday, June 8, 2009

LackeyCCG and Ebony Kingdom

Now it´s avaliable the ebony kingdom set on LackeyCCG with all the images. Thanks to Sydnelson.

V1.06 - 08/JUN/2009

Added new expansion Ebony Kingdom

Too many corrections and changes in card texts and in the database

Added missing rarity of some NoR cards

To update your plugin version just open LackeyCCG, go to Preferences
and in AutoUpdate type the following URL:,
press Update from the URL button and wait until update is done.

If you are new in LackeyCCG just use one of the below URLs to download
entire ready to use package (program + vtes plugin + image files).

To learn how to play, how to connect to server and find another
players go to the official VtES plugin tutorial page:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Raid Decks

I bought 3 raid wow decks ($30 each one in shops) at 22 Euros (all) without the treasure booster in ebay.

Only for the illustrations is a good purchase, but in addition, it´s a really fun game. Black Temple (To kill Illidan), Molten Core (Ragnaros) and Magtheridon are the three raid decks.
We have killed several times Onyxia, and we need another challenge more difficult like molten core. The next week we´re going to kill Ragnaros without a Priest, I swear!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New name, New domain--> Undying Thirst to Manituan

I´ve changed the name of the blog and the domain too. Sorry about that, but I have to.
Now the blog is named Manituan, as my nick name.
Manituan is my nick from 10 years ago, and I like it so much.
Now the blog and the domain have the same name to facilitate the access.

Fields of Honor (WoW TCG)

New visual spoilers from the last wow tcg set, Fields of Honor: