Thursday, May 28, 2009

Freak Combo

There is a new overpowered ability in magic: Cascade.

Cascade (When you play this spell, remove cards from the top of your library from the game until you remove a nonland card that costs less. You may play it without paying its mana cost. Put the removed cards on the bottom in a random order.)

There are 12 cards who have this ability, but for this combo we only need 3.

1º)Violent Outburst 1RedGreen (3)

Cascade (When you play this spell, remove cards from the top of your library from the game until you remove a nonland card that costs less. You may play it without paying its mana cost. Put the removed cards on the bottom in a random order.)

Creatures you control get +1/+0 until end of turn.

2º)Demonic Dread 1BlackRed (3)

Cascade (When you play this spell, remove cards from the top of your library from the game until you remove a nonland card that costs less. You may play it without paying its mana cost. Put the removed cards on the bottom in a random order.)

Target creature can't block this turn.

3º) Ardent Plea 1WhiteBlue (3)

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Cascade (When you play this spell, remove cards from the top of your library from the game until you remove a nonland card that costs less. You may play it without paying its mana cost. Put the removed cards on the bottom in a random order.)

You only put in your deck cards with cost over 2, then when you search your deck for a less cost card you only will find this:

If any player don´t counter this card, all the table put his or her permanents from his hand to play. But yours are bigger...

Have you ever played those criatures who cost over 7 mana and in his cost have 5 colors?
You can do it now, and at the 3th turn.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Laibon Rules!

I´ve already seen the spoiler of Ebony Kingdom. This is one of my favorite vtes set until now, it has wonderful library cards that I want to coment, and some deck ideas have come to me:

1º) #01: 419 Operation (EK:C)
Clan: Osebo
+1 stealth action.
Put this card in play. during your untap phase, move 1 pool from your prey's pool to this card or move the pool on this card to your pool. Your prey can burn the Edge to move the counter on this card to his pool and burn this card.

It isn´t unique. I love this card.


Eagle's Sight
[Reaction] Reaction
[Auspex] Auspex
[aus] +1 intercept.
[AUS] This reacting vampire attempts to block the current action, ignoring the normal prey, predator or target restrictions for blocking actions.


Capacity: 10
Group: 4
Laibon magaji: Once each action, Cesewayo may burn 1 blood to get +1 intercept.


Pentex(TM) Subversion
[2 Pool]
Unique master.
Put this card on any ready minion. The minion with this card cannot take actions and cannot block actions. This card may be burned by any other minion as a (D) action.


2º) #03: Bestial Vengeance (EK:R)
Cardtype: Combat
Requires a Laibon
[ani]: Only usable before range is determined, choose a retainer on this Laibon. This combat this Laibon is immune to frenzy cards and the opposingg minion takes 1 damage during strike resolution if the retainer is ready. a vampire can only play one Bestial Vengeance each combat.
[ANI]: As above, but for 2 damage.

It doesn´t cost any blood, but it doesn´t make ranged damage, like the carrion. Anyway it´s another good combat card for the friends of animals.


Elephant Guardian
[1 Blood]
Animal with 3 life. Requires a ready Laibon.
When this minion is in combat with an acting minion, the acting minion takes 2 damage during strike resolution each round if the range is close. A minion can have only one Elephant Guardian.


Tainted Spring
[Action Modifier]
[1 Blood]
[ani] Only usable when an action to employ or recruit an animal is announced. If this action is successful, the animal gets +1 strength (for an ally) or inflicts an additional damage (for damage-dealing retainers).
[ANI] As above, and the animal gets an additional starting life.


Drawing Out the Beast
Only usable before range is determined on the first round. Frenzy.
[ani] During this combat, opposing vampire gets +1 strength, but he or she cannot use maneuvers to maneuver to long range, cannot use presses to end combat and cannot use equipment. A vampire may play only one Drawing Out the Beast each combat.
[ANI] As above, and the opposing vampire takes 1 unpreventable damage during the press step each round.


3º)#05: Brutal Influence (EK:C)
Cardtype: Action
Cost: 1 blood
[pot]: Bleed at +1 bleed. When the action is announced this vampire may tap X Orun on him to get an additional +X bleed.
[POT]: +1 stealth action. Tap X Orun cards on this vampire to move X blood from the blood bank to a younger Laibon in your uncontrolled region.

For me, this is an overpower card. if you play Laibons with Potence, it´s an obligatory choice.


4º)#08: Dusk Work (EK:C)
Cardtype: Action Modifier
Burn Option.
Requires a Laibon ith three or more Aye
Play after resolving an action (successfully or not). Tap three aye on this Laibon to untap him or her.

The laibon freak drive.


5º) #11: Familial Bond (EK:C)
Cardtype: Reaction
Cost: 1 blood
Requires a Laibon.
Only usable on an action directed at another Laibon you control or on a bleed against you.
+1 intercept. If this block fails,the acting minion may choose to make the action fail. If the action is successful, this Laibon may tap (after resolution) to enter combat with the acting minion.

This card is really good for two motives: If your predator has deflect you a +5 bleed as a +4 stealth action, the acting minion may choose to make the action fail. And this card doesn´t require discipline for +1 intercept. The combat effect is obviolsy the good one. Malkavians... Prepare yourself!


6º) #16: Invoke Poison Glands (EK:C)
Cardtype: Combat
[abo](Reflex): Reflex. Cancel a frenzy card played on this vampire as it is played.
[abo]: Strike: hand strike at +1 damage
[ABO]: Strike: burn the opposing animal or mortal, or strike: hand strike with +X damage where x is the number of Orun on this vampire.

Potence... xD Now we have Abomwe!


7º) For me this is the CARD of this set:

#23: My Kin Against the World (EK:C)
Cardtype: Political Action
Cost: X blood
Choose X younger vampire of the same clan as this acting vampire. If this vampire is a Laibon you may choose younger Laibon regardless of clan. If this referendum passes, untap this acting vampire and the chosen vampire. Only one My Kin Against The World can be called each turn.


Voter Captivation
[Action Modifier]
Only usable after resolving a successful referendum called by this acting vampire.
[pre] The acting vampire gains X blood from the blood bank, where X is the number of votes by which the referendum passed.
[PRE] As above, but move up to 2 of those blood counters to your pool instead of this vampire.


8º) #32: Supernatural Resistance (EK:C)
Cardtype: Combat/Reaction
Burn option.
Requires a Laibon with three or more Orun.
Tap an Orun on this Laibon to cancel an action card targeting this Laibon or a strike card as it is played. Not usable to cancel a card that doesn't require a discipline or that requires Celerity or Potence.

Have you ever seen this?
An Akunanse has played 6 cards before range... and the other minion only plays combat ends. That´s frustrating. Now is the time!


9º) #39: Unholy Radiance (EK:C)
Cardtype: Action Modifier / Reaction
Requires a Laibon with three or more Orun.
Only usable during a referendum. Usable by a tapped Laibon. Gain 4 votes.

I don´t like it for the fact that you need 3 Orun cards, but that was before I know all the cards that require 3 Orun. Now, I prefer this from play presence.


10º) And the last one is one the cards that will make laibon one of the most playable sects for me:

#02: Bamba (EK:C)
Cardtype: Action
Cost: 1 blood
Requires a non-sterile Laibon with a capacity of 4 or more. +1 stealth action.
Put this card in play. It becomes a 1 capacity non-unique Laibon of the same clan and cannot act this turn. if the acting Laibon is a Magaji you may search your library,hand,ash heap for a master: discipline card to play on this vampire (pay cost as normal) and you may move 1 blood from the that Magaji to this Laibon.


In conclusion, this is a really good set. With really good cards to win tournaments and the Aye/Orun theme is really refreshing. I want 2 booster boxes Now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 New Spoilers

+1 Stealth Action
1 Blood
Put this card on this Ishtarri and put 1 counter on this card. This
Ishtarri get +X bleed, where X is the number of counter son this
card. This Ishtarri can add a counter to this card as a +1 stealth
action that costs X blood.
Draft: Put this card on this Laibon and untap him or her. This card
counts as an Aye and an Orun, even when on in play.

Lucian, the Perfect
Clan: Guruhi (group 4)
Capacity: 11
Laibon: Strikes against Lucian cost and additional blood or life. A
minion opposing Lucian may choose not to strike. +3 bleed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cardmaker Contest 2009

First of all, I start this being grateful for all who have joined this contest. I expect that it will serves to enrich the game and I hope you have spent a good experience doing it. Also, I want to apologize for my English. The schools are really bad here in Spain xD.
At the right side of the blog you have a poll where you can vote your favorite set until 15th of June.
My set doesn´t participate. If it wins (It´s impossible) the second one will gain the cardmaker award.


Here you can download all the sets:

Toreador set (Angel Castro)

Tzmisce/Inconnu (Agustín Puig)

Final Fantasy VII (Aitor Jimenez)

Fallout 3 (Adrián Anta)

True Brujah (Angel González)

EWW (Bayou)

Ashirra (The Path of Blood crew)


The first participant is Inyorel (Ángel Castro). He has done a toreador set of 30 library and 6 crypt cards. His deck for the "best deck" contest is:

Deck Name: "Toreador" Starter Deck (old lessons)
Created By: Inyorel. Ángel Castro
Description: "Toreador" Preconstructed Starter Deck from "Old lessons".

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max 40)

2x Loan Rainer AUS 3, Toreador
2x Daniela Remus – pre cel AUS 5, Toreador
2x Marcus Petrelli - cel PRE AUS 5, Toreador
2x Mary Amell - dom PRE AUS 6, Toreador
2x Leyna - cel FOR PRE AUS 8, Toreador
2x Daphnée - tha for DOM CEL AUS PRE 10, Toreador

Library: (70 cards)

Master (8 cards):
The omen of dark sky x1
Art Gallery Toreador x1
Three knowledge x3
Weight divine x1
Old enemy x1
The dark lady x1

Action Modificador (9 cards):
The beautiful of art x3
Black rose x2
Seduction of the senses x4

Action 11 cards:
Do not believe what they say x5
Arms of Spirits x3
Eeakness x3

Combat 12
Elegance of combat x 3
Macabre vision x3
Read minds x3
High jump x3

Political 7
Praxis Bremen x1
Praxis lyon x1
Prisoners of influence x1
The art of war x4

Reaction 10
Vision of the spirits x4
Tragic vision x3
Supernatural attraction x3

Equip 12
Browing x5
Walther x3
Pandora Box x1
Medusa x1
Security camera x2

Ally 1
Art lover x1


The second one is about the old Tzimisces. Based on "Dark secrets of the black hand", Galadack (Agustín Puig) has designed some cards about them and his origins. Look that they can´t play cards that require Vicissitude. Also, the set has some cards from the Inconnu sect and some powerful Spanish vampires. 55 Cards belongs to this set.

2x Alexei Pavel Cerveni. Aus, ani, DOM 5 bishop
Caleb Aus, ani. 3
2x Conrad Karamazov ANI, AUS, DOM, FOR. 9 Black hand Seraph
Giuliani Romanescu ani, aus, dom. 4
Mircea Raskolnikov ani, AUS, DOM. 6
2x Santiago Vidal AUS, ANI, DOM. 7 Archbishop of Valencia
Zarek Dzardescu ani, aus. 4
Zorana Cunescu aus, for, ANI. 5 bishop
Oppenheimer for, obe, DOM, AUS, ANI. 7 Inconnu

Master (11)
6 Blood doll
1 Brainwash
1 The Barrens
2 Wake the infection
1 Elder library

Reaction (31)
5 On the qui vive
3 Forced Awakening
2 Wake with evening´s freshness
8 Thelephatic misdirection
4 Deflection
3 Enhanced senses
3 Spirit´s touch
3 Precognition

Action (13)
6 Govern the unaligned
4 koldunic spirit
3 Invoke the soul parasite

Action Modifier (12)
4 Bonding
5 Seduction
3 The legacy of the seven wizards

Event (1)
1 The rebirth of Kupala

Combat (18)
2 Superior Mettle
2 Rolling with the punches
7 Carrions crowds
7 Aid from bats

Ally (4)
4 Koldunic guardian


The third participant is Etrius (Aitor Jimenez). He has done 166 cards... I´ll repeat one more time: 166 cards, about the world of "Final Fantasy VII". Thinking about you, he translates his rullings and I´ll put it here for you.


Name: Aitor Jiménez Zalabarria
City: Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
Description: Free Thematic set about Final Fantasy VII
Thanks to: Claudio Soulie, maker of 4 of the clan templates I used (the fifth one is the Caitiff template). Google images and several webs about FF VII, I took most of the pictures from these. Square, for creating one of the best RPG ever.

Special Rules:

1) I haven’t played any sequel/prequel of the game, no Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, anything... So I hope you will understand it if there is any (probable) background mistake in any of the cards.

2) The Cardmaker doesn’t allow to use any non-official clan symbol, so please use these equivalences:

Lasombra clan symbol = Shinra
Brujah = Avalanche
!Salubri = Sephiroth

3) You may realize that the word ‘vampire’ is not used in the text of these cards. I tried to avoid it, because it didn’t seem very appropriate, but for ruling purposes, all crypt cards in this set are vampires. In case you have any question with the meaning of a card text, just use the logic and the rulebook, e.g. a minion with capacity, can only be a vampire; an effect that sends a minion to torpor, will only send vampires to torpor (allies going into torpor are burned, as the rulebook says)...

+ DESCRIPTIONS about clans, sects, traits:

* Shinra: Both a clan and a sect. Their skills are: DOM FOR PRE.

* Avalanche: Both a clan and a sect. CEL FOR POT.

* WEAPON: Both a clan and a sect. “WEAPON” counts as a circle for Sanguinus purposes. FOR POT SAN THA VIS.

* Sephiroth: A vampire with no sect, from a clan with no name. Most of the cards of this clan can be used only by Sephiroth, so I didn’t worry in looking for a proper name for the clan. This clan other vampires have the ‘Sephiroth Slave’ rule, it works just as the slave rule, but it depends on a minion (Sephiroth), not a clan. AUS PRE POT.

* Caitiff: Other minor characters.

* SOLDIER: Trait, just as Black Hand, e.g. They are by default Shinra members, but not always. VAL.

* Ancient: Trait. Doesn’t depend on a sect.

* Turk: Trait. Shinra dependence. Turks don’t use the same skills as Shinra. AUS CEL OBF.

* Monster: A kind of ally. A vampire burning a monster in combat gains 1 blood form the blood bank. This concept is different than the imbued concept of ‘monster’.


I based on how the imbued convictions work to create the materia rulings, so I made them very similar, with just a few differences. First of all, there are some characters who can use materia (either allies or vampires), and other who can’t:

* Who can use Materias:
Avalanche members
Shinra members
Any Caitiff from this set.
Sephiroth y his slaves.

* Who can’t use Materias:
The rest, including WEAPONs and monsters,

The minions that can use materia (and only them) follow these rules:

- When a minion enters play with, he or she may gain 1 non-unique materia card from your library, hand or ash heap.

- During your untap phase, you may play from your hand or ash heap 1 non-unique materia card on each of your minion.

- There is no limit to the amount of materia cards a minion can have or spend.

- In addition to their own effects (if any), materia cards may be spent (burned) to pay the costs which some cards require. I refer to that cost in some card texts as ‘materia cost’. An important ruling is that the materia cost to play cards marked as ‘Magic’ or any effect they have, you can only spend Green Materia; for cards marked as ‘Command’ you may only spend Yellow Materia; and finally, for cards marked as ‘Summoning’ you may only spend Red Materia.

- Only minions that can use materia, can play or use cards marked as ‘Magic’, ‘Command’ or ‘Summoning’, although some of them have no materia cost.

- A minion may get a power as a +1 stealth action, like imbued powers. The minion untaps if the action is successful. A minion may not have two copies of the same power. Some effects or powers are "always on". Others have a card type icon (action, combat, etc.) indicating when and how the effect can be used. To use one of those effects, you must tap the power card (and pay whatever cost the effect requires). Standard rules for using such effects apply (e.g., a reacting minion must be ready and untapped). "Always on" effects are still on while the power card is tapped. (Yep, I copy-pasted this from the NoR rules).

- A Methuselah may only play one ‘Summoning’ each turn.

- Although they use the same format (template, symbol) and similar rules to the imbued convictions, materia cards are not conviction cards.


Some of the cards of this set can put or burn poison counters. A minion with one or more poison counters takes 1 unpreventable damage during his or her controller’s untap phase. A minion with poison counters may burn one of them as a +1 stealth undirected action that costs one blood or life. Logically, any minion who has any ability to put poison counters is immune to them, this only applies if that minion has an inherent ability to put poison counters, not if that minion needs to use any other card or effect to put poison counters.


Manituan (Adrián Anta)
I´ve made a little Fallout 3 set with 15 cards. I would make more but I couldn´t.


Gerion (Angel González), has created some true Brujah cards.


Bayou has created a set based in p.72 of the Vampire the Masquerade book 'Children of the Night' and he has done an introduction in english:


There is a dark place where the lords of the night confront their minions in battle, a bloody pit where demons enjoy the frenzy of the fight... the 'Extreme Wrestling Warfare', 'EWW', a dark independent promotion of extreme pro wrestling, a violent show with the best hardcore fighters in the world, hulking heavyweight monsters, aero suicidal luchadores and lustful divas fighting in extreme rings, all in Pay Per View!!


Crypt (16):

Mark Hix Brujah
El Diablo Verde Nosferatu
El Diablo Verde Adv Nosferatu
Farouk Skorpio Mustafa Assamite
Sucka T. Assamite
Cobra Ray Follower of Set
Jelly Follower of Set
Alyssa Vice Ahrimane
Fred Martins Brujah Antitribu
Mr. Alan Welfner, General Manager Gangrel Antitribu
Michelle Dark Lasombra
Sileny Bacsovics , EWW CEO Lasombra
Cerbero Malkavian Antitribu
Hellxagon Nosferatu Antitribu
Nyxxx Toreador Antitribu
Nyxxx Adv Toreador Antitribu

Library (29):

EWW Gates of Hell Event
EWW Grapplemania Event
Extreme Rules: Buried Alive
Extreme Rules: Twilight TLC
Mask vs Mask Monomancy
German Suplex
Flying Kick
Super Kick
Tag Mafia Kick
Shooting Star Press
Hidden chair
Surprise Attack
EWW Champion Belt
Los Hijos del Diablo
Huitzil Colibri
Diamond Duncan Dunsirn
EWW Stadium
Pentex Corp Training Camp
New Vampiric Order Invasion
Banned Move
Wellness Policy


The "Path of Blood" crew:
(Lech Jablonski - Cracow, Poland
Tom Duncan
Blooded Sand
John Eno - Portsmouth, NH, USA) have designed a lot of new cards. All of them belong to the Ashirra´s sect. It has an alternative folder who contains unused versions of vampires.

The road to heaven is paved in blood in many cultures. This is no different for vampiric society. However, for Cainites the road can be self destructive. True Faith is a powerful thing and for many Cainites a painful reminder of their dark origins. But many of the modern age have forsaken religion. Then there are the Ashirra, Cainites who have embraced their Faith. They are paragons of the community, Priests, Imams, and Rabbi alike. Even every day citizens who are faithful and benevolent. No where is this more evident than in the Holy Lands of the middle east. The Ashirra have only now re emerged as a force in the Eternal Struggle as they combat the Sabbat who have taken inroads into the lands of the east. They do have allies in the Laibon, but much like them, they prefer to stick to their respective domains. Perhaps the clans of the Camarilla who have blood ties to many of the Ashirra. Brujah of Ancient Carthage, Toreador from Istanbul, even Nosferatu and Gangrel count themselves as members of this brotherhood. Can the Ashirra survive? We shall see.


Nothing else. One of this participants will have his own storyline. Good hunt and Good luck.

NOTE: If you see any mistakes or if you have any sugestions, please contact me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How many vtes decks do you have at the same time?

55 readers of this blog have voted this poll: "How many vtes decks do you have at the same time?"

0% Only One
1% 21-30
5% 16-20
12% More than 30
14% 11-15
29% 6-10
36% 2-5

Most of you have 2 to 5 decks at the same time. I personally have 11-15. Since we bought some cards from a guy who was leaving vtes last year I increased my decks from 4 to 14.
NOTE: I have 15 decks. I forgot the salubri one.

4 Harberger of skulls
2 Tremere/!Tremere
3 Baali
3 Follower´s of Set
1 Caitiff
1 Akunanse

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only 2 days...

You have only 2 days from today to send me your custom set. I will post them on 15th of May.

I have to say that the level is so high.

Here is a small preview:

Monday, May 11, 2009

New Spoiler of Ebony Kingdom

New four cards from the last vtes set (from extrala):

#13: Luanda Magere [EK:V]
Clan: Ishtarri
Capacity: 8
Group: 4
Disciplines: for CEL PRE PRO
Laibon: Luanda gets +1 strength for each Orun he has.

#18: Jua Vema [EK:C]
Cardtype: Combat
[for]: This vampire treats aggravated damage as normal damage this round.
[FOR]: As above, but for the remainder of the action if you tap an Aye on him or her.

#38: Tunnel Runner [EK:C]
Cardtype: Ally
Clan: Akunanse
Cost:4 pool
Werewolf with 3 life. 1 strength, 1 bleed.
The Runner may play cards that require [ani] as a vampire and may burn 1 life to get +1 stealth. If he succesfully bleeds, you may look at the target Methuselah's hand. A vampire stealing life from the Runner takes 1 damage for each point stolen. If the Runner has 2 or fewer life during your untap phase, he gains 1 life.

#39: Unholy Radiance [EK:C]
Cardtype: Action Modifier / Reaction
Requires a Laibon with three or more Orun.
Only usable during a referendum. Usable by a tapped Laibon. Gain 4 votes.

Arena Grand Melee (WoW)

New heroes, with permanents flips:

Alliance Gnome Warrior (arms)
Emmi Spriklestrike
5 - You may flip Emmi.
(flipside) Emmi has 1 melee Attack

Horde Tauren Druid (Feral)
Kauno Stonehoof
5- You may flip Kauno.
(flipside) Kauno has 40 Health

A new kind of key word: Preparation. This let you play this cards for free the first turn. See that if you play warlock, the ability let you play pets with 0 cost.

Nature's Guidance
3 cost
Druid Arena Ability-Feral
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: You pay 1 less to play Feral abilities, to a minimum of 1.

3 cost
Hunter Arena Ally- Ravager
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
2 Melee Atk 4 H

Arcane Intuition
2 cost
Mage Arena Ability- Arcane
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: When Arcance Intuition enters play, draw a card. Your maximum hand size is increased by one.

Brutal Gladiator's Greatsword
5 cost
Paladin Atena Two Handed Weapon- Sword
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
5 Atk 3 Swing cost

Power Word: Courage
3 cost
Priest Arena Ability- Discipline
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: Allies in your party have +1 health

Shadow Tactics
4 cost
Rogue Arena ability- Assasination
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: You pay 1 less to play Combos and finishing moves, to a minimum of 1.

Maelstorm of Steel
3 cost
Shaman Arena Ability- Enhancement
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: You pay 1 less to strike with weapons.

Demonologist's Pact
2 cost
Warlock Arena Ability- Demonology
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
Ongoing: You pay 1 less to play Pets.

Guardian's Plate Bracers
3 cost
Warrior Arena Armor- Plate Wrist (1)
Preparation (On your first turn, you may play this card without paying its cost).
3 Armor

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freak Combo

Sergio created this deck idea, and he played a tournament in Vitoria last year with this deck.

He starts influencing Lambach, and then he advances him. He plays some Legions on him. With the [ADV] ability he untaps each action (at +2 stealth) to put a 1 cap vampire in play for each Legion he has. I recommend him to play with gehennas who reduces your hand, but he likes Waste Management Operation to recuperate tribute to the master each turn.

When he has 10 1-cap... Bleed... Bleed... and more Bleed...

Key cards:
* Secure Heaven
* Legion
* 30 Skills
* Waste Management Operation
* Tribute to the master

New Spoiler of Ebony Kingdom

The final list of cards of the next vtes set, Ebony Kingdom:

Crypt Clan
Nestor Kaba Akunanse
Socrate Cidibe Akunanse
Aisata Swanou Akunanse
Umdava Akunanse
Kamiri wa Itherero (ADV) Akunanse
Fode Kourouma Guruhi
Batsheva (ADV) Guruhi
Ngozi Ekwensu Guruhi
Lucian, the Perfect Guruhi
Nana Buruku Guruhi
Abu Nuwasi Ishtarri
Elizabeth Conde Ishtarri
Luanda Magere Ishtarri
Jibade el-Bahrawi (ADV) Ishtarri
Undele Ishtarri
Arriette Sylla Osebo
Titi Camara Osebo
Mamadou Keita Osebo
Abiku Osebo
Cesewayo (ADV) Osebo

Library Rarity
419 Operation C
Bamba C
Bestial Vengeance R
Blood Shield R
Brutal Influence C
Despiral C
Devil-Channel: Feet C
Dusk Work C
Edge of the World R
Exile C
Familial Bond C
Guinea-Bissau Carnival R
Hiding in the Open R
Ilomba R
Impundulu R
Invoke Poison Glands C
Ishtarri Warlord R
Jua Vema C
Kuta C
Make an Example R
Mapatano Utando R
Mundane C
My Kin Against the World C
Neebi C
Nkishi R
Pallid C
Powerbase: Luanda R
Reliquary: Trinket C
Remnant of the Endless Storm R
Savannah Runner R
Sense Vibrations R
Supernatural Resistance C
Taking the Skin: Minion R
Taking the Skin: Vulture R
Taming the Beast C
The Bitter and Sweet Story R
Transcendent Laibon R
Tunnel Runner C
Unholy Radiance C
Well-Marked R