Friday, January 30, 2009

Creacartas (Tools)

Creacartas is a tool that Kico and Damnans have created for the spanish vtes forum. With this tool you can do a custom crypt or library card in 1 minute.
I´ve done a cover of petaniqua (crypt) to teach you how you can do it.

1º First at all, you must login at

2º Then you have to push the up button (Creacartas) or you may link it from my blog, at the right side (Tools).

3º Go to this screen and upload a layout (Clan), choose malkavian, push preview and then choose the image you want in the right side and upload.

Now, you can choose all the disciplines, name, capacity... And every time you want to show it push upload to see the result. At the end, your card must be similar to this:

You have a HELP Button that explains you all you need, as the [b] and similar things.

Save it, and if you have 20 cards saved, you must erase one to continue. I recommend host them at

While they are at the website, you can modify the cards as you like.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Set (KotEK)

The new Vtes Set is called by white wolf KotEK in their live journal. It could be more Laibons (Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom) or as I hope they´re designing a mini set about the Kuei-Jin (Kindred of the East Kingdom) xD, but it´s less probable.

Vampire´s Stats (Huitzilopochtli)

At Wikipedia you may see the mythology character.

Translated with Google.

Name: Shaitan (Huitzilopochtli)

Clan: Baali

Sire: Saulot

Generation: 4th

Embraced: 4500 B.C.

Age: 20

Physical Force 7 (9), Skill 6 (8), Resistance 7 (9) (the lower attributes he has are after he left torpor).

Social: Charisma 8 Handling 9 Appearance 0

Mental: Perception 6, Intelligence 6, Astucia 7

Talent: Alert 4 Search 5 Lie Detecting 9 Diplomacia 6 Empathy 6 dodge 5 Imitation 6 intrigue 9 Launch 2 Liderazgo 8 Oratoria 3 Pelea 5 Charm 4 Soñar 7 Subterfuge 9

Techniques: Body Alteración 6 Arms 5 melee, Tag 1, Metal 2, Blind Fight to 3, Track 6, bribery 9 Survival 9 Traps 3, Torture 9.

Knowledge: Alchemy 3 Anthropology 7 Arqueology 9 Astrology 3 Local Culture (Mexico, Mesopotamia) 9 Astronomy 1 Culture about the Camarilla 3 , Culture about the Black Hand 5 Culture of Sewage 3, Culture of Spirits 9 , lupins 5, Culture of the Magi 4, Culture of kingdom 9, Culture Sabbat 9, Culture Wyrm 9 Medicine 5 Secrets of the City 9, Theology 9 (Know your enemy), Toxicology 6.

Disciplines: Animalism 6 Auspex 9, Celerity 6, Daimonion 9 Dementation 8 Domination 9 Fortitude 7 Mortis 9 Obtenebration 4 Potence 9 Presence 9 Protean 7 chimestry 6 Thaumaturgy 4 Dark Thaumaturgy 7 Visceratica 3.

Investitures: 9 (Infernal Rank)

Background: Identity Alternative 9 Allies 9 Contacts 9 Influence 9, Position 9, Flock 9 Resources 4, servants 9.

Virtues: Betrayal 5 Cruelty 5 Courage 5

Path: Path of Evil Revelations 10

Humanity: 0

Force of Will: 10

Disorders: Obsession; Shaitan believed to be corrupting the whole of humanity to please Ba'al. Naturally, he´s right.

Blood capacity: 50/10

Monday, January 26, 2009

Freak combo of the month

I´ve been thinking so much about this combo since the eternal mask came out. The idea is: first, brainwash (optional). Second, get out Lazar, steal your´s prey vampires pool with him and get out as soon as posible Yong-Sun or Gisela.Yong-Sun, Harmonist has a nice hability:

Yong-Sun may burn the top card of your prey's crypt as a (D) action.

And Gisela has a similar hability. Now, you may return your vampire´s blood to your pool with minion taps, blood dolls... And you have two ways to steal their vampires. You may equip with the Book , or get out the lowest cap vampire with high serpentis. Then you play a eternal mask on one of your prey´s ash heap vampires and you can play with him. This is a freak combo, so you coudn´t win more than 1 victory point I guess. But you may try and enjoy as I did. This deck idea is better when your prey plays with high vampires as enkidu or arika... xD

Usefull cards:
Mark of the Damned. It has a obviosly function here. With a Cardinal and a Priscus, you have a lot of votes to pass the political referendum.
Infernal Familiar: Play it with Yong-Sun to play your prey disciplines or mix your minion cards with Fortitude or Necromancy.
Erciyes Fragments
Agaitas To play with your prey´s library
Khobar Towers Remove from the game one of your vampires with a eternal mask on him or her.
Brainwash You may add this card to the deck, but if you are going to do it you must get at least 10-12 copies.
Cairo Airport With this location you may burn your prey´s uncontrolled blood and then Gisela can burn him or her.

EDIT: I forgot Gemini
I´ve already fixed the links.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

1º Tournament (San Esteban de Nogales)

Last 28 of December, we were in a little village of Leon (Spain) named San Esteban de Nogales (300 inhabitants). At 2:00 a.m. we were drinking some wine+coke (Calimocho) at my girlfriend´s wine cellar under the land and we were smoking some grass like frodo Baggins... when, at least, we get out all our magic decks to play the tournament. I played with my rogue deck and I´ve got a great position at the 1vs1 and 2vs2.

The results were (12 participants):
1º Gelo, black deck with lots of visara and hypnotic specter.
2º Me, with my rogue deck
1º Juan Angel and me (blue birds)
2º Gelo and ¿? (2 decks with visara)

I hope we´ll repeat this a lot of times from now on. I´m trying to do the same with Vtes, but Magic is already too powerfull to me xD


Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Undying Thirst" is already opened

Hi there! From now I´m going to write this blog only in english. I´ve separated both because a lot of people don´t understand any of my hobbies. So this blog is only about magic and vtes. I hope you enjoy it as me. Greetings and good hunt!