Sunday, January 31, 2010

LOST 6th season

At least we can see the final season of Lost, the 6th. You can download 6x01 here.
I´m so exciting. I´m gonna see it now.

P.D. The release date is next week.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Please forgive me!!!

I didn´t know that publishing spoilers before the release date was a crime. And I don´t know how 2 days (from now to 3th) will change anything. Anyway, I´m asking for redemption to White Wolf. Please forgive me!!

P.D. WW has lost their way. At this time they are not thinking in this card game, they are really busy working in a MMORPG with ccp or selling "top rated" role books. But anyway they take our money and we even don´t know what cards have the sets. It´s madness. They have had 5 months since september to put the spoilers in his web. The people were really anger with the delayings, and they thought: "We´re going to anger them more!"

Mission acomplish!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tournament Winning deck - Blood of Sandman: Vitoria

Blood of Sandman: Vitoria
Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil
January 23, 2010
10 players
2R + F

Felipe Fiuza's Tournament Winning Deck

Deck Name: Greyskull
Created By: Felipe Fiuza vekn 6040042
Description: You know.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 30, Avg: 6,41)
2 Agaitas for AUS NEC 6 Harbingers
of Skulls
1 Mina Grotius cel FOR NEC 6 Harbingers
of Skulls
3 Egothha obf AUS FOR NEC 7 Harbingers
of Skulls
2 Gisela Harden aus dem FOR NEC 7 Harbingers
of Skulls
1 Unre dom ser thn AUS FOR NEC9
Harbingers of Skulls
1 Matthias nec AUS FOR OBE 7 Salubri
1 Idalia dem AUS 4 Malkavian
1 Maldavis for pre AUS 4 Caitiff
Library: (90 cards)
Master (26 cards)
1 Maabara
1 Powerbase: Chicago
1 Insurance Scam
1 Rack, The
1 Parthenon, The
1 Día de los Muertos
1 Seattle Committee
1 Therbold Realty
1 Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1 Lupine Assault
1 Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
1 WMRH Talk Radio
4 Vessel
7 Slaughterhouse, The
1 Metro Underground
1 Powerbase: Montreal
1 House of Sorrow
Action (2 cards)
2 Constant Revolution
Action Modifier (5 cards)
5 Trochomancy
Political Action (1 cards)
1 Brinksmanship
Reaction (32 cards)
3 Eagle`s Sight
3 Enhanced Senses
3 Eyes of Argus
3 Spirit`s Touch
2 Precognition
1 My Enemy`s Enemy
7 Telepathic Misdirection
5 Forced Awakening
3 Wake with Evening`s Freshness
2 On the Qui Vive
Combat (18 cards)
3 Superior Mettle
4 Skin of Steel
4 Rolling with the Punches
7 Spiritual Intervention
Equipment (3 cards)
1 Bowl of Convergence
1 Gran Madre di Dio, Italy
1 Palatial Estate
Combo (3 cards)
3 Spectral Divination

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

To White Wolf

If you´re not in agreement with White Wolf, send your complaints to this email "".

Buenos días. Con este mail quiero dejar constancia de mi malestar por la dejadez con la que están tratando la distribución de Vtes.
No puede ser que la nueva expansión salga el día 3 y hoy a día 22 no sepamos ni que van a traer los preconstruidos. Han retrasado la salida de la expansión desde septiembre y no les he oido ni una disculpa. Les da igual conseguir nuevos clientes?
Como consumidor no estoy nada contento y pienso decir el porqué.

Su página web es de risa y podía estar bien cuando empezó a distribuir este juego hace 10 años, pero ahora no. Necesita urgentemente un cambio.

Nose si es que no tienen ganas de ganar dinero o conseguir nuevos clientes, pero si promocionaran minimamente este juego venderían muchas mas cartas. No hay publicidad ninguna. Con lo que hay que verselas y desearselas para encontrar jugadores en la ciudad de uno. El resto de juegos de cartas coleccionables tienen un sistema de promoción que bien podían haber seguido ustedes. Las tiendas que se dedican a vender cartas, no venden Vtes. El juego es el mejor que hay ahora mismo, pero se lo están cargando con su sistema de distribución pasota y sin aspiraciones.

Dejen por favor de reeditar cartas inútiles edición tras edición. Nadie las usa, porqué siguen reeditándolas?

Hay artistas a los que dais trabajo y no tienen ningún talento. En deviantart hay miles de jóvenes artistas que estarían dispuestos a hacer los dibujos y además mucho mejor. Hay otros en cambio que están muy bien. No me quejo de todos, sólo de algúnos.

Me gustaría que hicieran una mini expansión de los Vampiros del Este o Kuei Jin. Esto a título personal. No es una queja.

En conclusión, el juego está bien, no tengo ningúna queja del sistema o de las reglas, simplemente que la distribución es pésima. Por favor, hagan algo por remediarlo o la gente se acabará cansando y dejarán de comprar nuevas cartas.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Battle Arena Deck

Vampire: Petaniqua

-Fear of the Void Below
-Ignore the Searing Flames
-2x Telepathic Tracking
-Taste of Vitae

Custom Cards: Death Note

I did this cards yesterday. Death Note is one of the best serials I´ve ever seen.
I hope you´ll enjoy them.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The vampires are awesome

There are a new spoiler from worldwake, a vampire one. Are they Overpowered?
What do you think?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

VTES Tournament ("Mi tesoro" , Madrid)

Yesterday I was in Madrid playing a vtes tournament. 20 people.
"Mi tesoro" was the store where we played. I met good people in there. Thanks for the hospitality. Greetings!

I played with an akunanse deck. I haven´t bought anything of Ebony kingdom, so my deck was old date, but I broke some heads with it.
I thought that in this tournament there isn´t no much weapons, so I remove my drawings out the beast from the deck... OUCH! Guns, guns and more guns xD.

1 Table--->
-Weenees auspex
-Weenees guns
-Saulot/mata hari
-Me (no secrets of the magaji)
-Gangrel deck

1.5 Points

2 Table--->
-Mata hari block with zip guns (the funiest deck I saw there) with slaughterhouses.
-!Nosferatu combat

0 points.

3 Table--->
-Toreador block guns
-Brujah guns
-Me (no drawing deck)
-Weenees guns

1 point

I have to left the tournament before the final begun, so I don´t know who won.
P.D. Thanks to Pablo for the Infernal Promo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Worldwake´s Spoilers have begun

With this 10 visual spoilers wizards of the coast have started to show us how this set will be. Worldwake is the second set in the zendikar block.
In several days all the set will be in the internet, not as White Wolf that show us the spoilers after they sell us the cards. I don´t understand this kind of merchandising, seriously.

Link to the Visual Spoilers

Thursday, January 7, 2010

M11 announced

Wiz­ards has offi­cially announced Magic 2011 (or M11 in abbreviated form.)

A set every­one can sink their teeth into, as their own words.

Set Name: Magic 2011
Three-Letter Abbre­vi­a­tion: M11
Num­ber of Cards: 249
Release Date: July 15, 2010

Wiz­ards also has announced phys­i­cal pre-constructed decks inspired by the Xbox ‘Duels of the Planeswalk­ers’ game. The infor­ma­tion on these is scant.

Decks will con­tain 60 cards and one 15 card Magic 2010 Core set booster pack. And the MSRP will be $14.99.
Release Date: June 4th, 2010.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Cheap decks I

Hi! I´m going to start a new section in this blog named "Cheap decks". Decks that are awsome without any expensive cards. On november I did my last cheap deck. It was the vampires deck (magic). It cost only 8 euros. Today we´re gonna see how making a white kor deck with 6 euros. Let´s see.

- 4x Shuko, Betrayers
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.76
- 4x Bone Saw, Conflux
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.20
- 4x Bonesplitter, Mirrodin
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.76
- 4x Armament Master, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $1.20
- 4x Journey to Nowhere, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.68
- 4x Kor Aeronaut, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.40
- 4x Kor Duelist, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.40
- 4x Kor Outfitter, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.16
- 4x Kor Skyfisher, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.16
- 4x Trusty Machete, Zendikar
Condition: Near Mint | Language: English, $0.56

-$3.5 delivery.

It´s a quick creature deck, with only 4 rares and good average.

A nice present for Christmas.
Happy new year!