Tuesday, April 27, 2010


That´s all the info that I´ve founded right now:

This video shows the new clothing and animation technology they are going to use for both the avatar focused portion of EVE online and the World of Darkness game. It looks quite good.

Here a compiled list of what can be read on the stickies (2008)

Locations? (yellow)
secondhand bookstore
military surplus store
salvation army clothing store
illegal gun shop
penthouse clubs
pet store
American city: gated neighborhoods, helter skelter (unsure) in every school, if you're black (??)
European city: nude (??), pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
airplanes and helicopters flying overhead
opera house
dirty 7-11
End of the world (??)
huge libraries
A guy/gay(?) club
Old playgrounds in disrepair
End of the world cults (???)
Trash on the streets, piling up, flies, rats, (???)
Lots of rats (???)
Subway stops out of service and (???) inhabited by riff raff
A large ferris wheel out of order
European city: nude beaches, pedophile clubs, soccer hooligans
American city: Gated Neighborhoods, Metal checker in every school, if you're black (??) double LOS
Sanctified altar
Hear arguments (?) when walking past a (???)

Stuff that makes the world tick? (pink)
conversations overheard that lead to something
death sentences
"Times Square"
able to enter every generic building
half built houses, (??)
swimming pools by (??)
NPCs addicted to drugs while human
overgrown gothic (??)
atheists denying everything
home for the retards lonely people (unsure)
Amish families
Underground mazes!
Kittens =^.^=
Space dragons
Home for the retards (?) 2 crazy people (unsure too)
Overgrown gothic garden (?)
Swimming pools by mansions
Underground mazes! Water pump, abandoned (???)
Toxic waste (???)
Archeological museum (?)

More details? (orange)
Identification papers
"Venice" canals

Clearly due to the quality of the images the ? mean we are not 100% sure we read that correctly.

"I am the senior producer for the World of Darkness MMO that we are working on. Thanks. Glad you guys are excited about it. But I'm not going to talk about that today, unfortunately. I know it's a horrible tease, right? But the fact is, before we talk about the World of Darkness MMO, we want it to be right, and we're spending millions of dollars getting it right and we want to make sure that when we are ready to show it, we are ready to show it. And the one thing I can tell you is that we absolutely will be taking the attitude of a company like Blizzard – without making World of Warcraft with fangs- but we won't do this until is right, we won't release it until it's right." (0:22)
"(...) that's Reynir Harðarson, he is our creative director on Vampire... and... sorry, excuse me, the World of Darkness MMO." (5:28)
"(...) and I still feel passionately about storytelling, I still feel passionately about the whole World of Darkness setting, and that is going to carry through to the community that we want to build, because people are building this relationships online and in real life like this, and we want to find a way to make sure that all those things coexist in a way that makes everybody feel comfortable and everybody feel a part of the process and focuses on storytelling and quality, and that's what we're going to do." (8:03)

Monday, April 26, 2010

WoW, Magic y Vtes Vs WoW Raid Decks

Nose si conocéis los raid decks del WoW... He hablado varias veces de ellos en mi blog. Son mazos tuneados que juega un jugador y 3 o mas jugadores se enfrentan a él con pocas opciones de éxito, lo que lo hace un desafío. En un juego de cartas del palo 1vs1, tener este tipo de alternativas es algo refrescante.

El caso es que la moda de jugar al WoW TCG en mi grupo de amigos ha pasado y otros hobbies están comiéndole terreno, con lo que no puedo jugar los mazos raid que tanto me gustan. Me he puesto a pensar en lo mucho que se parecen magic y wow y la idea llegó sola. Jugar los mazos raid contra mazos del wow o magic.
Así podría llevar los raid deck al pueblo (allí solo juegan magic) y que Onyxia desayune planeswalkers.

He estado pensado en reglas opcionales para aunar los dos sistemas y a la conclusión que he llegado es que según cada cual juegue magic o wow se le aplicarán las reglas de sus respectivos juegos. Por lo que la dificultad de mezclarlos en mínima.
Las vidas de los jugadores serán 30 en el caso de que juegue magic y las que tenga el héroe si es de wow. En el caso de magic si el daño no es letal se curaría, en wow se acumula.

Se podría meter también en esta loca mezcla Vampiro? Lo veo complicado, por el sistema de combate y sigilo/intercept. Una solucion sería jugar sin modificadores ni reacciones. O que el máximo de sigilo/intercept que pueda conseguir un minion sea 1, que sería el equivalente de vuelo en magic.

La próxima vez que vaya pienso probarlo, ya os contaré.



Instant Ability-Instant--------------Modificadores/Reacciones?
Ongoing---------Enchantment----------Masters y Retainers?
Curar Heroe-----Ganar Vidas----------Ganar pool
Recursos--------Mana (al darse la vuelta dan incoloro)----Zona no controlada¿?¿?

Friday, April 16, 2010

New WoW TCG Set: Wrathgate

You can find the source at http://www.cryptozoic.com/press.php

Cryptozoic Entertainment Announces Release Date for Wrathgate!

Cryptozoic supports hobby stores with exclusive promo card!

Irvine, CA - (April 12, 2010) – Cryptozoic Entertainment, home of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG), is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the Wrathgate expansion on May 25, 2010. Wrathgate is the second of three sets in the Wrath of the Lich King block.

The 11th set in the World of Warcraft TCG, Wrathgate features 220 new cards straight from Northrend and the new Argent Crusade faction. Yes, players can recruit figures from Warcraft lore like Highlord Tirion Fordring for the battle against the Scourge. Also, players can use new Wrathgate crafting materials to forge brand new gear for their TCG heroes.

Each booster pack contains 19 game cards. As with previous sets, players have a chance to open one of three new Loot cards randomly inserted into Wrathgate booster packs. The codes on the Loot cards are redeemed for cosmetic upgrades to World of Warcraft® MMORPG characters. The loot cards in Wrathgate are Landro’s Gift, Statue Generator, and Blazing Hippogryph. The latter is another TCG exclusive mount—a flying hippogryph to set the skies on fire.

Additionally, hobby stores that order from an authorized Cryptozoic distributor can take part in the Buy-A-Box program. Players who purchase a Wrathgate booster box from participating hobby stores will receive an exclusive extended art Torch of Holy Fire just for supporting their local hobby store. Supplies are limited, so reserve yours today!