Thursday, October 7, 2010

Permadeath considered for World of Darkness MMO

I really recomend visiting Justin´s Site and read all the concepts they are working around. Really interesting.

This new comes from "":

CCP unveiled the World of Darkness MMO at The Grand Masquerade earlier this week where Justin Achilli hosted a well-attended panel for World of Darkness fans. The goal was to hear from those looking forward to the MMO and get a feel for what they want to see.

Attendees talked about some of the standard elements such as immersion and casual vs. hardcore, but there was a surprising suggestion thrown out as well: permadeath. Justin's notes from the panel read "Permadeath. Server type preference?"

Permadeath is an interesting concept -- even more so in a game centered around immortal beings -- and Ardwulf took a long look at it in his newest post on Ardwulf's Lair. Want to weigh in on permadeath in WoD or see the rest of what was discussed? Check out the full list of panel notes on Justin's site.