Sunday, April 26, 2009

Report ECQ Valladolid

A great tournament with great people. I played with my "Dream Wooooooorld" deck, and it only won the first one. 4 VP 1 GW.
The key play was in the 3º table. I played "two wrongs" to a telephatic misdirection and he played me a sudden reversal. It was really stranger. I don´t see so much sudden in tournaments. At the next turn, with 1 pool, I played my 5th spell of life, but I needed 1 stealth and my prey played "dark influences" to the last intercept card (we had made a pact) and then he played another sudden reversal. Really stranger xD.

My deck:

1x Nakhthorheb OBF PRE SER 10 Follower of Set:4
1x Seterpenre AUS NEC OBF PRE SER 10 Follower of Set:5
1x Neferu OBF PRE SER THA dom nec 9 Follower of Set:4 2 votes
1x Pentweret OBF PRE SER aus for obe 9 Follower of Set:5
1x Porphyrion CHI OBF PRE SER for 9 Follower of Set:5
1x Shemti OBF POT PRE SER vic 9 Follower of Set:5 1 vote
1x Amenophobis OBF SER dom pre 7 Follower of Set:4 primogen
2x Halim Bey DOM SER obf tha 6 Follower of Set:4
1x Black Lotus DOM aus obf ser 5 Follower of Set:4
1x Sahira Siraj obf ser tha 4 Follower of Set:4
1x Sisocharis cel obf pre 4 Follower of Set:5
1x Ahmose Chambers obf ser 3 Follower of Set:5

Library [70 cards]
Master [13]
1x Opium Den
1x Archon
2x Information Highway
1x Dreams
2x Two Wrongs -1 ---> +1 Dreams
1x The barrens
1x Anarch troublemaker
2x Presence
2x Effective Management

Action [26]
12x Spell of Life
4x Dream World
6x Mesu Bedshet
2x Conceal
2x Temptation

Action Modifier [14]
2x Cloak the Gathering
2x Faceless Night
2x Lost in Crowds
4x Veil the Legions
2x Forgoten
2x Spying mission

3x Fake Out -1 ---> +1 Set´s Curse
3x Dodge

Action Modifier/Combat [2]
2x Swallowed by the Night

Event [1]
1x Unmasking, The

Ally [1]
1x Nephren-Ka

Reaction [8]
2x Delaying tactics
4x Deflection
2x On the Qui Vive

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Promo (Rogue)

Master: Trifle
Play on a vampire who has committed diablery since your last turn. Any vampire can enter combat with this vampire as a (D) action. Vampires with Auspex get +1 stealth on that action.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Freak Combo

Get out Seterpenre. Search your library, hand or ash heap for 2 Obtenebration skills and any other. Then you can play Descent to the Darkness and during your influence phase, you may burn it to get out Seterpenre another time and you can search another time 4 skills in your library.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How many ccg do you play?

59 readers of this blog have voted the poll: "How many ccg do you play".

All of them play vtes. I expect that xD.

The results are:

Vtes 59 (100%)
Magic 17 (28%)
WoW 12 (20%)
Other 10 (16%)
Legend 6 (10%)
Yugioh 3 (5%)
Versus 2 (3%)
UFS 2 (3%)
Naruto 1 (1%)

Personally, I play Vtes, Magic and WoW right now. But I´ve learned to play at some time to UFS, Anachronism and Legend.

My favorite ccg is Vtes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maelstrom Pulse

A new spoiler from the new set of magic "Alara reborn". I think that Wizard of the Coast make this kind of cards only to earn some money.
To me, the funniest thing of magic is deck building. Then, the deck plays by yourself.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winner of the Cardmaker contest 2008

Here you may download all the cards of the winner´s set of the Cardmaker contest 2008. If you haven´t seen them yet, now is a good time. I hope you´ll enjoy them.

I recommend listen this song when you will see them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freak combo of the month

Get out a small follower of set to play the khobar towers. Get out Saulot, bleed your prey, play enkil cog on him and then freak drive. If you steal any untaped vampire with a spirit marionette in other turn, the stolen vampire can´t bleed and you may remove him at your untap phase with the khobar towers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tenpenny Vs Megatone

Thinking about it so much I´ve thought that as I like this game I will enjoy making this set. My set for the CardMaker contest 2009 will be about the videogame "Fallout 3" and it will be named, for the present, "Tenpenny Vs Megatone".

Here are my first cards:
Join the Contest!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CardMaker Contest 2009 has started

From now on, the cardmaker contest 2009 has begun.
If you´re interested at joining this contest send me a mail ("") with your name and city and I´ll appear you in our participant´s list.