Sunday, March 29, 2009

CardMaker Contest 2009

The period to inscribe yourself in the cardmaker competition 2009 has started.

This year we have the cardmaker tool that will increase the amount of people participating for sure, and so will the rivalry rise. I know there are a lot of artists out there.

This contest is also at the spanish forum ""


There will be two competitions, one for the best created set and another for best created deck, in which you will have to make a deck with the cards you have created.

To be a little clearer:

To be able to participate in the competition for the best created deck you have to, along with participate in “best set” one , make a deck of at least 12 crypt cards and of 60-90 library cards. Of course, you can repeat any number of times you want any card you have created on a previous cardmaker competition. With this, you will not only test your ability to create cards but also as deck makers!

In this competition, what will count, is not the originality of your set. What will count is if it is really playable and funny on the vtes game right now. (no se como poner lo del entorno)


I had thought of a free theme, but, after seeing White Wolf’s BYO program I think it would be an incredible waste missing this opportunity.

BYO is a White Wolf’s proyect in which it takes up to 3 cards created in world level Storylines and makes them real, as promo cards. So, you can make them of any subject you want (Heroes, musical, historical, ... whatever) BUT if the theme of the winner is the world of darkness, he could see his invented cards turned into real promo ones some day. It’s up to you.

The number of cards of the set is also up to you. Not everybody has the same free time to spend doing this. It can be 10 cards, but it can also be 200 (you would be showing everyone how much free time you have)

Card Design:

You can use the cardmaker tool or do them with photoshop, you decide. As are the Vtes players the ones that are going to rate your set, there isn’t any kind of restriction about it. Each one will rate the cards in a differente way and will vote in consecuence.


From the 15th of may until 30 days later, the sets will be exposed in the vtes spanish forum and in this blog. They will be all available for download also in both spaces, but you will only be able to vote in the blog.

The two competitions will be rated separately.

When could I send my set?

You can send them to me since the first of April until the 15th of May to mi mail ( in .rar format. In the file must be all the cards in .jpg format and a text file with your name, city where you play Vtes and the description of what you have created (special rules included). Once I receive them, I will place the .rar file inmediately on the web with the description you have sent.

The ones who want to compete on the best created deck competition will have, of course, to send the deck list (Not in .docx please)


It is supposed you are in for the renown you will get, but if that’s not the case we have a little surprise

As I’m quite poor, I hadn’t thought o giving any material prize (powerbase: montreal, freak drives, paritiys, ...). Instead, I will create a Storyline tournament in Valladolid (great wine, better women) with some of the cards created by the winner printed at full colour and using the special rules. The rules for the tournament will be decided here, in Valladolid, but I would keep in touch with the winner in every moment if he/she wanted to be part of it.

When will this tournament be is still unknown.

If the winner couldn’t come to Valladolid the cards would be sent to him/her by mail. But even with that, the tournament would be made.

Ben Swainbank, the Storyline organizer at global level, wrote me and he has told me he has liked the idea. He will follow the Storyline and it’s result with interest. He can’t promise a promo for the Storyline, as there are many who try to get that, but I will try to make it as attractive as possible.
If any shop or organization would like to sponsor the event, please contact with me by mail (

As soon as I know anything about the prices I’ll post it.


* I’m not joining the competition, but I’ll probably do a set too.
* If you want people from all over the world to understand you write the cards in english (your choice, but if someone can’t understand what the cards of the set say he/she won’t vote it, that’s for sure)
* If you have any doubt, contact me by mail.
* Something that I’m probably forgetting, I will put it when I remember it.
* You have in this blog the winner of the last year.
* You can find the "CardMaker Tool" in or in the right side of my blog.

Nothing else, I hope you join the event and find the experience satisfactory.

Luck to everyone


*Joo Maselli Gouvêa

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Casual Play (Nergal 64)

My favourite massive bleed deck.

Name: Nergal 64
Author: Manituan

Crypt 12
3x Nergal 10 Baali
3x Nergal 10 ADV Baali
6x <4 cap with aus

Library 64
Action 10
4x Revelations
1x Rutor´s hand
2x Sheepdog
1x Heart of the city
1x Pulse of the Canaille
1x Contagion

Action Modifier 30
16x Freak Drive
2x Spying Mission
2x Lost in Crowds
4x Faceless Night
2x Cloak the Gathering
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Enkil Cog

Master 7
1x Barrens
1x The Coven
1x Giant´s Blood
1x Blood doll
2x Secure Heaven
1x Perfectionist

Combat 6
6x Majesty

Retainers 5
3x D`habi Revenant
1x Robert Carter
1x Tasha Morgan

Ally 1
1x Goblin

Equip 2
1x Mobile Phone
1x Helicopter

Combo 2
2x Swallowed by the Night

Event 1
1x Narrow Minds

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The end of Vtes?

Today, one of the oldest players in Valladolid (my city) has told me that he´s going to leave vtes and he wants to sell all his cards.

Is the third guy that leave vtes in valladolid this month. Why is this?

Is the Crisis the Guilty for all of this? The Global Warming? Bush?

Is Vtes going to end? I don´t know, but one thing it´s true: at the spanish forum, for 1 guy who is buying cards there are 5 who are selling.

It saddens me so much. I think that Vtes is the best card game at the moment and someone is killing it. What do you think? Who is killing Vtes?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My kingdom for a Deck

At least, our order has arrived! One month later, but it´s better now than never.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Custom cards (Warcraft)

I did some WoW cards and I want to show you:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casual Deck (Hate-Machine)

I left you alone last week, sorry about that. I bought a ps3 and I´ve been a little bit busy xD.

Last Week I played with this deck. It´s a milling deck with some modifications. It also plays with my prey´s strategy. So, if brinkmanship doesn´t work, I could find some other way to win the table. My deck has only 60-62 cards to maximize the probability of draw the key cards that are:

1º Brinkmanship
2º Día de los Muertos
3º Daring the Dawn

Le dinh Tho must burn all sudden reversal, wash, direct... in your prey and predators hands.

This method increases the milling speed, because you discard with Agaitas, with the slaugtherhouses and if you have Giotto Verducci in play you have 5 discard phases to burn as many of your prey´s cards you like per turn.

With the gehennas you may stop some weenys decks and with the Week of Nightmares´ gehenna you´ll burn those methuselah´s library.

This is one of my favourite decks, Enjoy it!

Deck Name : Hate-Machine 5000
Author : Manituan

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 8 max: 10

3x Agaitas
3x Ian Forestal
3x Giotto Verducci
3x Le Dinh Tho

Library [62 cards]
Action [2]
2x Grasp the Ghostly

Political Action [2]
2x Brinksmanship

Master [24]
6x The Slaughterhouse
2x The Parthenon
1x Día de los Muertos
2x Storage Annex
1x Secure Heaven
3x Ashur Tablets
3x Therbold Realty
1x Elder Library
1x The Erciyes Fragments
1x The Barrens
1x Maabara
1x Protected Resources
1x Lupine Assault

Modificadores [5]
2x Daring the Dawn
1x Call the Hungry Dead
1x Spectral Divination
1x Awe

Reaction [12]
4x Forced Awakening
2x Telephathic Counter
6x Telephatic missdirection

Combat [10]
4x Aura Reading
4x Superior Mettle
2x Skin of Steel

Event [6]
1x Anthelios
1x Nightmares upon nightmares
1x Wormwood
1x Thirst
1x Break the Code
1x blood trade

Equip [1]
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ebony Kingdom

We have just known the name of the next vtes expansion: Ebony Kingdom

I lost my personal bet. I thougth that they will release an Asian set, but the African guys will rise another time.