Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freak Combo

Hunt 4 and untap at the end of your turn with 2 cards.

First make your favourite vampire anarch.
Then play Abactor on him or her.
I asume that the vampire will burn in the blood hunt referendum. Then you play this:

Lay Low
Requires an anarch.
Only usable when a blood hunt referendum passes and would burn this anarch. Move this anarch to the uncontrolled region (breaking any temporary control effects). Any cards and counters on this vampire remain with him or her (but are out of play as long as the vampire remains uncontrolled).

So at the end of the turn, if he or she is full of blood, he or she enters play full of blood at the minimal cost of 1 pool. This only works if the vampire are near fulled.
This combo is an alternative for hunt+freak drive. I hate it. Freak drive cost 5 Euros, please don´t use it like that xD