Saturday, September 25, 2010

World of Darkness confirmed, based on Vampire: The Masquerade

That´s a awesome new! I will be watching for news every day.


""Some secrets are best taken to the grave..." While it wasn't that closely guarded, we were waiting on the edge of our seats to hear the official word of CCP's World of Darkness this weekend. At The Grand Masquerade convention in New Orleans, the developers not only confirmed the project, but revealed that it is set in White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade setting. Vampire: The Masquerade was indeed the old World of Darkness RPG, so this MMO should send fans into paroxysms of joy.

Ardwulf's Lair reports that the MMO will come out in 2012 at the earliest, and that it "will have a focus on player politics and social interaction." The two-minute video reveal sets a gothic tone as a woman narrates the secret world of the vampires: "They're all around us, they control everything, they've always been here, waging their secret wars, devouring everything that gets in their way... It all begins after you die."

We'll bring you more details as they pour in, but in the meanwhile, check out the video reveal (NSFW, this is World of Darkness after all) after the break."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Vampire: The Masquerade character

This is my character in Vampire: the Masquerade rol game. His name is Barry (one of the friends of the child of American Dad´s serial) and Punset (because he is really clever like a famous spanish host TV).
He is a 8º generation fat Tremere, that loves new technologies and steal blood as a ranged strike. He and the Ventrues of the city don´t have a good relationship, because of that he has that bad ability.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Grand Masquerade Event: September 23-26

this week, CCP is going to show us some of the content of WoD:Online.
I read this new in

"We've been biting our nails waiting for CCP to fully unwrap its promised World of Darkness MMO, but so far the company is playing its dark cards close to the chest. However, if you happen to be in New Orleans later this month, you may be among the first to pry substantial information from the slavering jaws of the developers.

Last month, CCP community developer Shane DeFreest strongly hinted that the upcoming White Wolf convention, The Grand Masquerade, would be the company's first big step to show the game to the anxious public. The convention website has since posted a list of event panels for the weekend, which includes a session entitled "Tell the World of Darkness Development team what you want to see in the MMO" as well as several other MMO-specific panels.

The Grand Masquerade will run from September 23-26, 2010, at the Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New Orleans. As the future of the World of Darkness is revealed, Massively will be sure to bring you the news. Just... not until we make our own dark pacts first."

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Siento mucho oir esto, pero es algo que se veía venir desde el anuncio de Requiem. Yo no sabía que la licencia iba a terminar este año, pero en cuanto me enteré supe que no querrían renovarla ya que no tiene sentido gastar esfuerzos en promocionar un juego de rol que ya no existe (Vampiro: la mascarada) y que es el que más daño está haciendo a Requiem. Hay un enorme número de jugadores del antiguo vampiro que no quieren renovarse y CCP no quiere encima darles alas con nuevas ediciones de un juego de cartas ambientado en él. Como empresa, lo veo una decisión aceptable. Lo que si me molesta es la falta total de atención por parte de la distribuidora y el mal trato a los consumidores de Vtes por parte de White Wolf año tras año.
Yo vería probable que sacaran un juego de cartas ambientado en requiem, ya que es la línea empresarial que van a seguir los próximos años. Rol y el próximo MMORPG, con el que esperan sacar muchísimo más dinero que con EvE Online.
Si el éxito de este juego se valorase por la implicación de la distribuidora, habría muerto hace años. Pero los jugadores están muy comprometidos con el juego. No veo necesarias nuevas ampliaciones, ya que en 10 años no han cambiado un ápice las mecánicas de victoria en Vtes. Bleed, política, blocker y combate. Por mi parte voy a jugar lo mismo saquen nuevas expansiones o no. Un abrazo.