Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hi there, I´m back

Hi. I´ve been too busy this month. The exams and the Ireland journey have taken all my time, and my relationship with vtes is a little bit smaller day by day.
Now, in Valladolid, we are only 3 people playing this awsome game. This sad me a lot. But I have to go on...

So, I have to apologize by doing promises I can´t accomplish. We´re not be able to make a storyline in our "great" city with only 3 people. So, until we could, I´m not going to make any storyline with the awsome Ashirra theme. It really hurts me, honestly. By the way, I will advice you when we could.

Making a break with all that "good" news, I have to tell you that I´m going to open a T-shirt online-Shop with my girldfriend. We´re going to deliver to all over the world, so I´m going to ask you some questions at the right side of the blog to answer some of my doubts. It´s my desire that vtes will have a great presence in my store, but I don´t know if it will works. So, please take a bit of your time answering the poll and I will thank you so much. Greetings.